This Game is weird.

I was walking. I think I was part African-American. My cousin was white, though. I was walking to my families old apartment. My father said later that we should have bought it instead of just continuing to rent it. The apartment was really far away. It was something crazy like 2,000 miles. I hadn't showered in days and my hair was disgusting. The shops just kept getting weirder. I mean what would I need one of those for?
My friend said that yes, this sequel of the game (like final fantasy or something.) gets pretty weird. I only got it for $5, though. "Oh, Then that's okay."
Where did I sleep? I have no idea. Maybe I didn't sleep. It was a really tiring walk. I only remember seeing my feet and my hair. Also, The weird floating shop-keeper. He had something in his hand kind of like that camera guy from some of the Mario video games.
When I got to the apartment I met my cousin and we soon found out we were cousins and became friends. The landlady asked who I was and told me that apartment was mine. I had some more walking to do, because my parents were about to show up. What? the bed is so inviting.


Thors' hammer

It was like a video game. I had to complete tests and save children from the white dirt. The white dirt was deadly. It was the kind of deadly radiation is. This dirt appeared every spring. No, it wasn't snow, it killed people. In fact, someone had just died from it. The kids were upset by this. One of the kids was starting to rot away himself. I grabbed one child to comfort them and to make sure they didn't go closer to the white.
Why didn't they leave? Well, they wanted us to leave, some kids tried to chase us away and throw axes at us. Too bad axes were where we got our power.

There were two gurus with each group and a guard that would escort one of us to them. I did most of the tests. The gurus liked to give weird or fun tests-- the kind that gurus always give, but no one ever expects. One was a metal thing to bounce on.
Then we were under attack again. Axes came from a tower. I weaved to a place the axes couldn't reach. I asked my partner to get the hammer. He did and I got my hammer too. I jumped up on the back side of the tower and knocked the Hammer Bro. down.
My partner and I smashed the shell and chanted or sang about how awesome we Thors are.


Female girl or male girl

I couldn't figure this out: what if it was a female girl or a male girl. Genders aren't as easy to figure out as you think. I rolled over. What if it was a male guy or a female guy? Uh.
I never figured it out. I had a threesome with Eric and Ashley, I was the only one without a penis.


Katie DeFiction goes back to war

She had died- in the war. Katie DeFiction had. She was a tank driver. The war was between the humans and the Borg. DeFiction had been assimilated as was the tank, in fact she was now part of the tank. What was left of her and the tank died a few days later from an air raid. Some sort of EMP fell from the sky killing the drone and her tank.

I was chatting in an apartment with people. Kat was sleeping. I looked into the room, Katie was watching her. As I entered the room Kat woke up and asked Katie what she was doing there. She replied that she was thinking. Kat didn't care so Katie talked to me only.
"I should go back to the war." she said. (She'd already served for both sides did she need to see any more death?)
"It gets boring wondering." She was walking across Europe with her tank.


Are your legs broken?

I was running. Why? It must have been for fun, because I was just running up and down the street. With a flag? a red one. I held it above my head. Was it a sail? I even ran on top of a giant pickup truck. (I also drove it and was terrified I was going to run over a little kid.) But man I was running too slow. So, I did something about it. I don't know what, but now I took one step and I was three yards farther then I was before.

Finally, my legs got tired. I went inside a large tan brick room. "are your legs broken?" Joseph asked.
"you shouldn't use that for so long you could break your legs." There was a table in the center of the room. I went over to it to fix something. "it's okay if you walk over too it. Are your legs broken?" They were sore, but where they broken?

I opened a door. It opened like the doors in the multilayer level "Temple" in Golden Eye for the N64. It opened by lifting up, but I didn't touch anything. There were radroaches on the other side. I had to kick them. What happens if I break my legs. There were too many radroaches. Why would I start off in an area filled with roaches?


I kicked his face

I was at my house, in my room with a bunch of other people. It was like a party. Eric was there and so was Alex and his girlfriend. They were making out. And he burped. "that was the chili" he said and went one about what the next step was. It had something to do with a flap near his stomach that doesn't close.

I was talking to Eric, but he was distracted by something else. I told Alex he'd better not puke on my bed. I'd have to hit him.
"Well, you said I could come."
"yeah, but you came."
"well, I'm beat him up." meaning Eric.
not wanting that too happen. I kicked Alex in the face.

*_End of Dream_*

I heard a smash and I was awake. Eric rolled over. "What was that?"
"I kicked the wall. I was dreaming."
"Oh, did you hurt someone?"
"yeah, I kicked him in the face."

Eric didn't remember this conversation in the morning.

StarTrek-X-Men and Valentines.

It was Valentine's day and Friday. I don't know where Eric was, but for some reason Alex decided to visit. I was tolerating his presents, but didn't mention Eric. He kept hugging me. Well, A lot of my friends do that anyway. I went to class.

It was a strange class. It was Star Trek, but X-men. There were people from the past or the future and strange black paint that was supposed to be something terrible. It was obvious that Emmet wrote the story, because he was one of the main characters. The resolution involved him and Captain Picard returning to Earth.

After class Jake and I were chatting for a bit when Alex came up to me wondering where I'd been, because I wasn't on campus. I told him I was in class. He clung on to me as we walked by through the parking lot. Jake had been walking away, figuring whatever was going on wasn't his business.

"I'm going back to Merrimack, if you want to come along." Alex said. "no," I said. "I just got back a few days ago." Okay, he sorta kissed me and said "I love you." I said good-bye, but he wouldn't let me go. He wanted me to tell him that I love him back. I didn't and I tried to worm my way out of his grip. "Is it the romance?" He said as though it was something terrible.

I called for Jake. Eventually he heard me and came back. He grabbed my free arm and pulled me free. He managed to help me get back to the dorms. I don't think I even thanked him. I just ran to my room and locked the door (it had three locks.)

My neighbor also seemed to have some sort of infatuation with me. And I needed to go pee. I kept looking for something to pee in, then I realized I had a bathroom. Eventually, I found out my neighbor wasn't a terrible man, I guess. We had a friendly conversation through the windows.