A Brainless Someday

I was at a stadium with Eric and Charles. For some reason I was putting a rubber band on Charles's head to hold his hat on, maybe. The host or an important guy asked "Does anyone like the" dance something. like Dancing with the Stars Charles said "oh, I like that." but he wasn't going to say it loud enough for the man to hear. Someone on the other side of the stadium raised his hand.
"I like you," Said the man with the mic. "come over here, sit by me."
Another man, next to the speaker admitted liking it too.
"I'm glad today is a brainless Monday." Charles stated.
"I think it's Saturday." I said.
Eric flicked the remote on the TV it said "WZ"
"Well, it's Wednesday," I said "A brainless Wednesday."

(It was Wednesday when I woke.)

End of the Week

Some sort of school events. It was a week with something science/planty/artistic was going on that friday and every week like this I could not finish my project. If I hadn't slept in that one day– I would have fifteen more minutes to work on it. Heather was repainting her ex-boyfriend's ceiling. (The ex was actually her current) and we kept moving a fridge. There was a big meeting with the graduating class walking down first. and my ex, what the hell. He was practically stalking me. At one point I told him I'd hurt him. He didn't believe me, so I tickled him. Why the hell wasn't he wearing his shirt. Damn, that was a dumb move, so I attempted to punch him. I kept trying to avoid him especially when I went through the ice tunnels. Eric was getting annoyed that I didn't know where I was going but kept going ahead of everyone. I was talking with Eric at one point when someone comes up behind me. I instinctively elbowed them in the gut. I turn around and realize it's Katie not Alex. Damn, I'm sorry, but she seems to be okay.