Dead Water, Dead Fish, Dead Earth

I was hanging out with some people in a port town. Well, not really some people. No one in this town really talked to each other. Almost everyone avoided each other. There was one girl who would watch everyone very closely. She talked to someone because they looked like they were going to walk with another member of the town. It was alright that I was standing with her, though. She mentioned fish once or twice. I noticed some men in small boats in the water. I think she had suspicions of what was going on.

On facebook, someone (probably NPR) posted a link to an opinion article the title was something to the effect of "We are saving fish, but why are men being killed?" This news about the water and fish-- it was being kept hush-hush. We weren't supposed to rink tap water and the fishermen didn't fish, but we weren't told why.

"We aren't supposed to go in the water." The girl had said, waiting for her boat. No one was actually fishing, though they pretended to be. Every once and a while someone would be in the water, though they didn't stay in for long.

At night, I turned on the faucet in the bathroom. The water didn't seem bad, but it seemed like there were small hard pieces in the center. I had a sip to see if I would die.

I watched a commercial shoot in the port town. It made no mention of water, even thought the characters were clearly looking out over the bay.

Rory posted a link on facebook about the fish dieing and about the water. People commented, including Ashley. I tried to ignore the thing.

Eric, Ashley, Wyatt, and I were packing to go back to school from my house. Wyatt kept mostly to himself. Ash and I chatted sometimes, mostly it was "where's Eric?" and "oh, he's right-- nevermind, that's Wyatt." I made sure to stay near someone at all times. It was dark out and somehow eerie. No one mentioned the news. Eric would sometimes appear reading at the kitchen table.

Someone on facebook asked Rory what he thought about the news. He replied that he couldn't think of a myth that would explain this. He could only think of Spoiler and Creator. I commented asking what the Spoiler was.

Wyatt had the TV on. I turned it to something like Home improvement, something old. It wouldn't make any mention of what was going on. (The mom was talking on the phone saying she'd dropped off the kids, but one of them was still there. So, she hung up the phone and got him there. At a dance a boy wanted to make out with his girlfriend. She said no and got mad at him, because he wasn't aggressive enough. When he changed his emotion to aggressive she instantly fell in lust.) "you get to move in today, too?" someone asked commenting that it was my space ship. "yeah." but I was planning on moving in tomorrow, it was quite late and I still had a class.

I looked to see what else people had said on facebook. I was thinking of searching for some more info on the subject, but decided that I didn't want to know. At the search screen, I became aware of being at the computer, staring at it, contributing to the end of the world.

Walking in the port town I looked back at Eric (minding his own business.) He'd just said at his mother's house that he wanted kids. We can't have kids, not with the end of the world coming so soon.