I'm not afraid— I'm a Mormon

People where getting married. Like everyone. Danella was getting married to a guy named Brent, but no Brent I knew. Though as I sat there I wondered that happened to her current boyfriend, well obviously ex, but I hadn't known they'd broken up. I noticed nothing suspicious between them.

People where complaining about the pigs we were killing and their parts where left in the ground where people where having weddings. Myself and two gentlemen one was supposed to be my father and the other my brother. we were hunting these pigs no one wanted us to kill. They convinced us to stop. I went inside the house and the other two went on farming in the yard. As I looked out at them I noticed Stormtroopers coming to kill them. I locked the door grabbed my cat and hid. The Stormtroopers didn't notice me when they got in. until they were walking back downstairs one heard a noise. He turned around and looked down at me hiding behind the stairs. When he made eye contact with me I jumped, punching him in the noise. He fell. and we struggled. I said something cheesy like "go to Hell."
"I'm not afraid, I'm a Mormon."
I laughed. "that's not true!" I paused. "Quetzalcoatl is the one true god."

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