People Notes

I have dreams of people I know, obviously. I will use their first name only if they are a friend or acquaintance and some professors. Last name only if they are a k-12 teacher or the professors I don't feel comfortable calling by their first name.

Some names aren't people that are real. They will usually be identified as "they said their name was..." or some such.

The following are people who I feel need a few notes about their personalities.

Ardra- used to always have crazy ideas that I thought were terrible ones. I call her my wife.
Ashley- one of my best friends from School. She is also my (second) wife.
Eric- my boyfriend as of the start of this blog to currently. (will change if that stops being the case.)He's a sap, by the way.
Derek- my "husband-in-law" I joke that he is the husband of my boyfriend.
Joseph- My older brother.
Jake- a Friend that helped me out when Alex broke up with me.
Emmet- Strange person. Also helped me out with relationships. Trekkie.
Alex- my ex-boyfriend. I probably still have issues with him or he's the only person I feel comfortable allowing myself the pleasure of beating up.