Quick Guide to (possible) Reoccuring Subjects

Guide to possible reoccurring subjects that exist as TV shows, movies or similar things (that I do not own). The Title is in bold (and will be a tag in an entry that has anything related.) Subjects that are related are under the bolded title, underlined.

StarGate- a sci-fi franchise. Including several movies and TV shows. Command structure is US air force.
Stargate- a means to get to other planets. a big circle thing.
SG-1- The first of these shows and the name of the team that the group of main characters are in. They go to different worlds via a Stargate. Team members include at some point the following: Jack O'neill (male, air force), Sam Carter (female, air force), Teal'c (male, alien, non-air force), Daniel Jackson(Male, civilian), Jonas Quinn(Male, alien, civilian), Vala (female, alien, civilian), and some other male (air force), who I probably won't have in my dreams
General Hammond- The guy in charge of these teams that visit different worlds.(for more then the first half of the show of SG-1) also, a general.
SGC- Stargate command, were all the traveling to other places starts,ends and in coordinated in.
Zats- a type of gun that shoots little electric bolts. One shot stun- two kills- three disintegrates.
Apophis a bad guy. (he is actually a snake-like parasitically alien (Go'ould) that lives attached to a human spine and controls said human) claims to be a god. He had been seen/feared/worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Teal'c used to be his highest ranking warrior, before betraying him.
Daniel Jackson- Member of SG-1. socio political nerd offsets Teal'c and O'neill's overwhelming coolness. archaeologist.
Samantha "Sam" Carter- a member of SG-1. a captain and later Major. smart. likes to figure out how things work, especially alien things.
Selmak/Jacob Carter-Jacob Carter is Sam Carter's father, he was dying and so was Selmak's previous host. Selmak, a symbiotic creature (offshoot of the Go'ould called the Tok'ra) was able to heal Carter and they share a body.

Star Trek- also a sci-fi franchise with more movies and shows then Stargate. Originally created by Gene Roddenberry.
Starfleet- the military group that travels in space, researches things, protects people, etc. etc. command structure based on the US Navy.
Redshirts- aka "ensign Ricky" a character (in the original) that was always wearing red and was not a main character. He would always die.
Klingons- aliens, warlike, in the original Star Trek were mostly the bad guys. didn't have ridges. In TNG more friendly(still warlike), have ridges from that point forward. (actually since the Motion Picture)
The Next Generation (TNG)- the one I grew up with. I consider this one the best. made in the 90s.
Jean-luc Picard- Captain of the Enterprise D in TNG. bald. played by (Sir) Patrick Stewart. He's supposed to be French.
Geordi La Forge- chief engineer in TNG. played by LeVar Burton-- The guy from Reading Rainbow. He's blind and wears a VISOR to allow him to see.
Troi- TNG character, councilor, empath. she was half human, half alien that can read minds, but she is only empathic.
Borg- They are the Borg. What do I say? They turn everyone into one of them-- a hive mind and take their technology too.
Voyager- The Star Trek with the female captain (of the starship Voyager), they get lost in the Delta quadrant. (just really far from Earth)
Seven of Nine- aka Seven played by Jeri Ryan. Crew member of Voyager. The Borg chick that everyone thought was really hot, so she saved the show. an awkward character, because she was part of a hive mind most of her life.

Pumpkin Scissors an anime. about a military section devoted to war relief. some sci-fi elements- mostly altered humans.
Lieutenant Alice Melvin- field commander of the unit. a bit psycho, blonde.

Fallout a series of games set in the fallout of a nuclear war.
Radroaches Mutated roaches about a foot and a half long.