a Turnip about the Wind

I was in a play for a class. apparently they were plays by Becket. There were three and the one I was in involved caging a bird, who was a character. I think he was trying to save someone– like a princess or something. Jamie, Noel, Derek, Rob, and Juna were also members of the class and involved in the plays. I sat by Noel after my play was over and I was disappointed, because I couldn't move the chair.
I ended up hanging out with Rob and cuddling with him. Then I was with Eric and cuddling with him. (My subconscious is a whore) Eric called me "dark and interesting" and laughed. He apologized for laughing, but compared me to Clemidiaus's daughter. Clemidiaus was apparently someone in classic lit. However, Eric didn't know who he was so we decided that he was probably some sort of scientist. I was reading Eric's shirt which had some scientific-like things on it. I think I decided he must be some sort of biologist- chemic- alchemist. There was also things on his shirt as to what to do if you get hurt like x lead to exit. Exit was death, like exiting this world.
Now, I ended up at my house with Alex. He had bought one of those Droid phones. He asked me to plug it in for him, I did. (I don't know why.) It had like what I image scorpionflies' genitalia clips look like, but all technology and spiny. He had a remote for the Droid. It sprouted legs and walked over to him. There he goes spending his money on useless tech.
But in my flirtatious attitude, which was perfectly acceptable, I missed the other two plays. Derek was dressed in a weird fancy outfit for one of them. I found him standing on the stage, he was holding something, like a skull. He turned to me "as your," He paused trying to think of the word "Godmother," Godmother?? I thought he was my husband-in-law? "as your godmother, I have a turnip about the wind."
Juna looked up "a turnip?"
Then it turns out all the guys I was flirting with wanted to be my boyfriend. I wanted Derek to explain to them that since he was my husband-in-law that he knew who I love.


Eric's friends

I was in a building. It was set up like a store, with little rooms. and we were playing some sort of game each person had a character and if you talked to them something odd would happen. One of them came up to me and said "If you haven't gone over there yet." The person pointed to the toy store. "don't go over there Alan is a zombie." Alan is zombie? okay. I avoid that spot for a while then I went over to see what that was about. He had a plate full of fry potato chips. They were delicious. Then he said "have you come over here yet?" I didn't answer, but zombie lunged at me.

Eric and his friends were wondering around Eric alone and his friends elsewhere together. I didn't know if his friends knew who I was but I followed them for a bit. Dustin was there and Jesse and some kid that looked kinda like Eric, but like his evil twin or something. He was shorter and had lighter hair and a lighter hat. I don't think "Evil Twin" talked as much. Finally they found Eric. He didn't notice me, but I ended up loosing them in the crowd. I found them at a table except that they had convinced Eric to hide from me. I saw him anyway, because he hadn't gotten far.


My science class was located in the middle of the woods. I passed by another class from a different school– a wildlife class, that was going on a trip. When I got to my class my legs were covered in spider webs. I asked if I could go ask one of the hikers for something to wipe the webs off with. Jeremy was standing outside. He said "hi, I haven't seen you in a while." I hugged him and asked him to help. He gave me something to whip off my spider web encased feet. He told me that the spider was living in my left-hand pocket. Non-sense, I would have noticed that. He replied saying that Apophis would have made sure the pocket was hidden. Well, I thought, that's the last time I wear someone else's pants.

Something was happening, class was just let out and SG-1 was there. In the middle of the woods– we had to get to higher ground. Something about the world flooding. We got split up half went the right way. Finding the backup camp and avoiding the strange metal birds. Jacob Carter/Selmak (Stargate)was there as the leader. Later, another surviving group of humans came to interview him, asking Selmak how they all had survived.

The other group went the wrong way "We are almost there." one of us said. It turns out we weren't, but we found base camp. Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson were there and needed to blow up the building. Daniel Jackson was going to sacrifice himself to do that, but was convinced not to. The metallic birds started to attack. I didn't have a gun so I wiggled my figures at them and froze a few and threw them into the woods. We managed to get back to the backup camp.

TX, NE and Zappy Guns

I'd just moved into this new house– which was somehow in Texas, but looked like it was in New England. It was a huge house with lots of stairs on a hill. The stairs were narrow and steep like most old New England houses. The last owners had left everything they owed (or at least most of it) there. So, it was my job to clean and go through everything. Some of the things left in the house were neat– like Klingon Statuettes. Juna, Alison, Angela and maybe a few others were helping out and keeping me company. I was talking about cleaning and all the neat things I found. I told Alison about the gay sleepover party and how Juna and Derek called Eric and I the cutest gay couple on campus.
Angela and her friends had found a secret ladder in the attic to New Orleans. They came back and one went to the bathroom. It was a fancy bathroom– we had a bunch of fancy toilets. I asked why and she said that they didn't have stairs in New Orleans.
alright. I went into the attic room. The stairs were rickety metal pieces poorly put together. They were just suspended footholds and wires 14 gauge above my head to hang on to. I tired to climb it, but I couldn't easily hang on to all of the hooks, so I jumped off.
Strange colors and lights came from the entrance to New Orleans I asked about it.
"Oh," Angela said. "they're having Mardi Gras."

Zappy Guns

I was in some sort of bar and an old lady was signing out weapons. One woman was not allowed to have a .48
but was allowed to have a .38. I asked the old lady what it mattered, but she didn't give me a strait answer. We had to use guns, because they weren't allowed to know we had zat guns. (we must have been from StarGate-- I watch too much of that) We were– I'm not sure where we went, but some of the other guys started to fire at us so we fired back. Some of them chased us and I was corned by a few guys on bikes. One was Andy, one might have been Alan and I'm pretty sure the last was a Dan. They wanted me to give them the invisibility device. I didn't have it with me and they weren't supposed to know about it. I decided to run. I wanted to run through a path in the woods so they could not follow me on their bikes, but falling to find it. I ran to threw the woods to the other side next to a highway. I ran north along the highway seeing them on the other side of the tree line. I kept running, but I didn't want to be on the side of the highway. I had lost a way back to the other side of the trees. I past a group of construction workers. I figured there should be a way to get back up to the tree line. If I only had a teleporter, but I didn't have one with me. But- Stairs? that's almost like a teleporter. I climbed back up to the tree line. I can only assume I made it out. I don't know about my friends, though.

So Is Derek Dead?

I was a leader of a group at war with another. Well, it wasn't so much as a war as a dislike for one another. Also our group would steal supplies from them.
Myself, Derek, a young, pretty girl and possibly another one or two were going to the neighboring land. I, being a poor student, got distracted by change on the ground. Myself and the girl ((my) Jen or Shannon)
began picking up the change. I actually requested the girl to help. She helped, but she wasn't as interested in it as I.
Derek and the others were getting impatient. We needed to move now. This wouldn't take long, I insisted. We moved through limbo traps (picked up some nickels and dimes), crawled by tables in a restaurant with the bright red cushioned seats. (picked up pennies and nickels)
The girl and I found ourselves in a maze of showers. My left arm got dirty and I went to wash it. The disembodiment voice of Derek told me not to. He said that the showers by the exit would work just fine. Outside it was spring, fresh grass and melting snow. Derek, myself and possibly Eric were sitting on a rock. Food and alcohol were found in the nearby woods. It was being catapulted from the enemy's land. We had friends there, we'd have to assume.
Something had gotten stuck in a tree– it seemed important at the time. Some kids would throw things at it to get it down. Seeing the kids were handling it I turned my attention to meeting our friends from the other land. I lead my party down the path, covertly. Coming toward us was a group of the enemy– just on their side of the border. There were more of them then us. Someone must have been spotted or I was worried about what the enemy group would do. I got on the path and slowly walked toward them, my hands raised.
"I'm in charge here. I just want to talk."

I turned to Eric while we were walking down the street our school was on. "Derek's dead, right?" I said quietly. "I had a dream about him." I wondered if I should say more. In the dream he'd died worse then he had in reality. I was walking slightly behind Eric. He didn't seem to be bothered by the death of his roommate. That couldn't be the case, they were friends. Derek wasn't the only one that had died recently.

~~*End dream*~~
The first thing I asked of Eric when I woke was "Derek's not dead, right?"

6:03 and The Kitten Thing

    Someone was going to die. I knew where and when. They'd be killed, shot in Wegman's room at the high school. The time he would be shot was 6:03 and I couldn't get there in time. I was at a meeting of some sort. It seemed like a protest. It was in a field, partly cloudy and there where five other people at this meeting. I couldn't leave and I kept arriving a few minutes late to Wegman's the man was already dead.
I would reset the game. At one point I was in Wegman's room and they noticed some inconsistence in my outfit and where I should be. I realized that I wasn't restarting a game, I was going back in time. I needed to get help or shrugging off questions would start getting hard. I went to the main stairwell- a beautify piece of architecture. I found Alison and told her we needed to talk. Unfortunately the very small, but nice looking library already had two people in it, so we ended up in a bathroom. I  also sought out Alex and told him to get there a little before six.
    "that's his form now." Alex said, shooting the bad guy as I walked in from the basement. On second thought- I really hoped that was Alex.

The Kitten Thing

Alan, Austin and myself were walking from between dorms at night. Alan started to make ghost sounds. A bit creepy, but Austin said that it was fine as long as the kitten thing doesn't happen again. I'm walking along worried I'm going to step on a cat, but that wasn't it. The Kitten thing happened again. About half way there we see a pair of green cat eyes. Alan runs up to it to pet, but it ran away. There is another and a third. This time the cat doesn't run away and I pet it as I walk by and the next. After that the next 5 are running counterclockwise around me. At the door of the dorm of our destination Mike is freaking out and running in circles– he doesn't have a key.

Operation: Stargate

I had just made this tea out of some plants. It was good. I was at a meeting at the SGC (Stargate command) with the SG-1 team and two other people who were appointed italics and underlined. I was appointed by general Hammond Commissioner of the Tea.


It was a battle between humans and sticky foam transformers. I don't recall it being too epic. We were running around a giant white maze for a while. Tensions were high and people were paranoid. I looked around there were several Stargates lined up at this place. Two of the people behind me were whispering about how they did not like the guy behind them. Looking back I saw that it was Eric. He had a gun and was ready to fight the bad guys just like everyone else. The lieutenant- who was either Sam Carter (SG-1) or Alice Melvin (Pumpkin Scissors) was the target of some humanoids who didn't like us. In fact they wanted to make the LT responsible for the torture and death of the previous teams that were already present on that planet. The bad guy (a girl rather) was explaining that it was the LT's fault all these people had and were going to die horribly. I had taken a slight walk from the Stargate. There were skulls with and without flesh along other body parts. The LT ordered us back- she didn't want to stick around. As I jumped to the gate I shouted "I'm sorry, Eric" I guess Eric wasn't going to make it back. The other people didn't like him anyway.

The Dark Side

The people in between the light and the dark are the easiest to sway to the dark. The Narrator said. There was an epic Star Trek space battle, by epic I really mean Next Generation-ish battle. so not all that epic. It's my job to make sure they don't end on that side. It was Jean-luc Picard.

I was in my house- the kitchen. My uncle (that no one likes) showed up. Why? not to have my mom help him with his money. He wanted me to send a message to Capone and those people. The message was $0 they would know what it means. He would tell them more later. My uncle wanted to turn them to the dark side or Satanic heathens. I was furious, but I nodded. When my uncle left the driveway I stomped out of the house on a walk with the intent to call Steve and rant to him. Steph was out for a walk too however and waited for me. I complained to her as we walked to Kari-an's- where she was staying. Kari-an's mother was finishing dinner. She invited me to stay, handed me a pair of pliers and a wrench. The would be an interesting supper.

The Fish Boy

So you see, we were staying... well I'm not sure where we were, but it wasn't one of the appropriate starships. Seven and Geordi were sharing a room. I think it was like a meeting room too. Geordi as I learned later apparently was stuck in a cargo bay for his first
few years in Starfleet. It was also reminded to me that he is black. That was compared to Scotty. I think it was saying that all the black people die like all the redshirts... except for Scotty and Geordi of course. (I thought this show wasn't supposed to be racist, of course I might be.) Well in any case it appears that Geordi actually got some this time. It was Seven and they had a kid. I guess they weren't supposed to have a kid.* He was blind like Geordi. We needed to cut off his head or something. Seven insisted that we needed to wait for the kid to adjust. Troi was adamant that we needed to do it now. We would have to advise him on how to adjust. This we did. We gave him a VISOR and told him that if things didn't work out right we'd teleport Seven into the past in her own womb so the baby would die. (She had a VISOR too for some reason) We taught him how to see and this lead to him learning how to project what he thought and we could interact with it as well. He made a cocktail party. It was more of a classy strip club, however there was no anyone- strippers, customers... also he was a fish swimming above a stool. Then later he made a shark game, he could control his pieces with his mind. He asked how others could play. I said that they could just press the buttons and I did so. We played a game- I lost.

Duck Fruit

it was overcast, Ardra and I where putting away her games. Then I went home, but Ardra forgot to give me something. "it's raining," I said "you sure you want to leave your games outside?" she said it would be fine, but i didn't think so so i covered the PS2 and Xbox with a hat. as i went to leave her driveway again I saw ducks. Two ducks, they were both female, but pretty. I also seem to have acquired a small butcher knife. I had heard somewhere that if you cut off the duck's head it was no longer meat, but fruit. That seemed interesting maybe I should try it. I held the duck and lifted the knife. She seemed to know what I was doing and closed her eyes in anticipation. I couldn't do it- I had to get home anyway. I let the duck go and started back home. The sidewalk was unplowed and there was still snow on it. I stopped when I saw two foxes blocking my path. They seemed a bit big for foxes, but for some reason I believed they weren't dangerous so I walked around them. One of the foxes bit my shirt and tugged on it playfully. "no," I said sweetly. "I have to go..." I think I'll name her Rora, short for Aurora. I thought. I looked back at the foxes from behind the screen door. See you later, Rora.

Don't break my hiatus

There was a bunch of us at this party game type thing. I was complaining to someone about my computer possibly being broken and Shannon had just gotten a new one. She let me look at it. the bottom of the laptop was... the underside of the keys. I didn't questioned how it worked. I went back to Emmet and Kat. (my) Jen was up with a group at the game. She almost got the right answer but (Courtney's) Jen got the right answer. (my) Jen didn't realize at first, but they were on the same team. When she realized appeared above her was a music note in a speech bubble. Kat and I were sick of whatever shit was going on- we were leaving. Emmet and Kevin came with.
The boys where all for jumping on and off things (slightly free running-ish) I thought they were crazy, but I found one that I would do- in front of someones house, but everything here was part of someone's house we were in a city- rather a populated area of a small town. I jumped on the dead tree and running to jump off the trunk- it snapped. I landed fine, but the owner wasn't too happy. he yelled at us saying we broke his hiatus. The four of us scattered. The man had a gun and was quite upset we broke his hiatus. I found a small restaurant just below the small dirt cliff I was running along. I thought this would be a good place to hide, even though I had a gun myself- a revolver and a knife. I slid down the dirt and found myself running through the building- the man had followed me. He had his gun pointed at me and was talking to me. My gun was out too, but upon trying to fire it.... I didn't have any ammo. shit, I thought, someone else must have used the gun before me. I didn't remember firing it more then once. No, matter I just had to get him close enough to use my knife. I kept talking to him, he'd walk closer and drop his guard. When he did I took out my knife and stabbed the side of his gun.
When it was over the four of us sat in that same restaurant waiting for lunch. We decided to open the closet that was next to us, because we kept hearing something. I girl came out she seemed to be living in there. Introducing herself, I believe her name was Annie. She joined us for lunch and as the rest of us were talking about not abandoning our friends. She looked at me and asked if she counted. I said that even though we just met her she seemed nice enough.

The Glazed Donut

Ardra and I stopped by Dunkin Donuts as we usually do. We ran into a girl I went to high school, Loni. I'm not even sure I said 'hi' to her, but we continued about our business. Ending up at another DD. Loni was there too, we weren't following her, I think. She didn't seem to notice or say anything about it ,so it wasn't worrisome. I walked up to the counter- I needed to deal with some things. grabbing a receipt and a pen, I glanced at the donuts... chocolate... Boston cream... Mr. Steve.... Mr. Steve? that's a new one. as I looked at it though it became apparent that it was not a new flavor. It was just a new name for the glazed... on the back of the receipt I started writing down friends names.