This Game is weird.

I was walking. I think I was part African-American. My cousin was white, though. I was walking to my families old apartment. My father said later that we should have bought it instead of just continuing to rent it. The apartment was really far away. It was something crazy like 2,000 miles. I hadn't showered in days and my hair was disgusting. The shops just kept getting weirder. I mean what would I need one of those for?
My friend said that yes, this sequel of the game (like final fantasy or something.) gets pretty weird. I only got it for $5, though. "Oh, Then that's okay."
Where did I sleep? I have no idea. Maybe I didn't sleep. It was a really tiring walk. I only remember seeing my feet and my hair. Also, The weird floating shop-keeper. He had something in his hand kind of like that camera guy from some of the Mario video games.
When I got to the apartment I met my cousin and we soon found out we were cousins and became friends. The landlady asked who I was and told me that apartment was mine. I had some more walking to do, because my parents were about to show up. What? the bed is so inviting.

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