End of the Week

Some sort of school events. It was a week with something science/planty/artistic was going on that friday and every week like this I could not finish my project. If I hadn't slept in that one day– I would have fifteen more minutes to work on it. Heather was repainting her ex-boyfriend's ceiling. (The ex was actually her current) and we kept moving a fridge. There was a big meeting with the graduating class walking down first. and my ex, what the hell. He was practically stalking me. At one point I told him I'd hurt him. He didn't believe me, so I tickled him. Why the hell wasn't he wearing his shirt. Damn, that was a dumb move, so I attempted to punch him. I kept trying to avoid him especially when I went through the ice tunnels. Eric was getting annoyed that I didn't know where I was going but kept going ahead of everyone. I was talking with Eric at one point when someone comes up behind me. I instinctively elbowed them in the gut. I turn around and realize it's Katie not Alex. Damn, I'm sorry, but she seems to be okay.

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