StarTrek-X-Men and Valentines.

It was Valentine's day and Friday. I don't know where Eric was, but for some reason Alex decided to visit. I was tolerating his presents, but didn't mention Eric. He kept hugging me. Well, A lot of my friends do that anyway. I went to class.

It was a strange class. It was Star Trek, but X-men. There were people from the past or the future and strange black paint that was supposed to be something terrible. It was obvious that Emmet wrote the story, because he was one of the main characters. The resolution involved him and Captain Picard returning to Earth.

After class Jake and I were chatting for a bit when Alex came up to me wondering where I'd been, because I wasn't on campus. I told him I was in class. He clung on to me as we walked by through the parking lot. Jake had been walking away, figuring whatever was going on wasn't his business.

"I'm going back to Merrimack, if you want to come along." Alex said. "no," I said. "I just got back a few days ago." Okay, he sorta kissed me and said "I love you." I said good-bye, but he wouldn't let me go. He wanted me to tell him that I love him back. I didn't and I tried to worm my way out of his grip. "Is it the romance?" He said as though it was something terrible.

I called for Jake. Eventually he heard me and came back. He grabbed my free arm and pulled me free. He managed to help me get back to the dorms. I don't think I even thanked him. I just ran to my room and locked the door (it had three locks.)

My neighbor also seemed to have some sort of infatuation with me. And I needed to go pee. I kept looking for something to pee in, then I realized I had a bathroom. Eventually, I found out my neighbor wasn't a terrible man, I guess. We had a friendly conversation through the windows.

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