I kicked his face

I was at my house, in my room with a bunch of other people. It was like a party. Eric was there and so was Alex and his girlfriend. They were making out. And he burped. "that was the chili" he said and went one about what the next step was. It had something to do with a flap near his stomach that doesn't close.

I was talking to Eric, but he was distracted by something else. I told Alex he'd better not puke on my bed. I'd have to hit him.
"Well, you said I could come."
"yeah, but you came."
"well, I'm beat him up." meaning Eric.
not wanting that too happen. I kicked Alex in the face.

*_End of Dream_*

I heard a smash and I was awake. Eric rolled over. "What was that?"
"I kicked the wall. I was dreaming."
"Oh, did you hurt someone?"
"yeah, I kicked him in the face."

Eric didn't remember this conversation in the morning.

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