Katie DeFiction goes back to war

She had died- in the war. Katie DeFiction had. She was a tank driver. The war was between the humans and the Borg. DeFiction had been assimilated as was the tank, in fact she was now part of the tank. What was left of her and the tank died a few days later from an air raid. Some sort of EMP fell from the sky killing the drone and her tank.

I was chatting in an apartment with people. Kat was sleeping. I looked into the room, Katie was watching her. As I entered the room Kat woke up and asked Katie what she was doing there. She replied that she was thinking. Kat didn't care so Katie talked to me only.
"I should go back to the war." she said. (She'd already served for both sides did she need to see any more death?)
"It gets boring wondering." She was walking across Europe with her tank.

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