Are your legs broken?

I was running. Why? It must have been for fun, because I was just running up and down the street. With a flag? a red one. I held it above my head. Was it a sail? I even ran on top of a giant pickup truck. (I also drove it and was terrified I was going to run over a little kid.) But man I was running too slow. So, I did something about it. I don't know what, but now I took one step and I was three yards farther then I was before.

Finally, my legs got tired. I went inside a large tan brick room. "are your legs broken?" Joseph asked.
"you shouldn't use that for so long you could break your legs." There was a table in the center of the room. I went over to it to fix something. "it's okay if you walk over too it. Are your legs broken?" They were sore, but where they broken?

I opened a door. It opened like the doors in the multilayer level "Temple" in Golden Eye for the N64. It opened by lifting up, but I didn't touch anything. There were radroaches on the other side. I had to kick them. What happens if I break my legs. There were too many radroaches. Why would I start off in an area filled with roaches?

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