Thors' hammer

It was like a video game. I had to complete tests and save children from the white dirt. The white dirt was deadly. It was the kind of deadly radiation is. This dirt appeared every spring. No, it wasn't snow, it killed people. In fact, someone had just died from it. The kids were upset by this. One of the kids was starting to rot away himself. I grabbed one child to comfort them and to make sure they didn't go closer to the white.
Why didn't they leave? Well, they wanted us to leave, some kids tried to chase us away and throw axes at us. Too bad axes were where we got our power.

There were two gurus with each group and a guard that would escort one of us to them. I did most of the tests. The gurus liked to give weird or fun tests-- the kind that gurus always give, but no one ever expects. One was a metal thing to bounce on.
Then we were under attack again. Axes came from a tower. I weaved to a place the axes couldn't reach. I asked my partner to get the hammer. He did and I got my hammer too. I jumped up on the back side of the tower and knocked the Hammer Bro. down.
My partner and I smashed the shell and chanted or sang about how awesome we Thors are.

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