Don't break my hiatus

There was a bunch of us at this party game type thing. I was complaining to someone about my computer possibly being broken and Shannon had just gotten a new one. She let me look at it. the bottom of the laptop was... the underside of the keys. I didn't questioned how it worked. I went back to Emmet and Kat. (my) Jen was up with a group at the game. She almost got the right answer but (Courtney's) Jen got the right answer. (my) Jen didn't realize at first, but they were on the same team. When she realized appeared above her was a music note in a speech bubble. Kat and I were sick of whatever shit was going on- we were leaving. Emmet and Kevin came with.
The boys where all for jumping on and off things (slightly free running-ish) I thought they were crazy, but I found one that I would do- in front of someones house, but everything here was part of someone's house we were in a city- rather a populated area of a small town. I jumped on the dead tree and running to jump off the trunk- it snapped. I landed fine, but the owner wasn't too happy. he yelled at us saying we broke his hiatus. The four of us scattered. The man had a gun and was quite upset we broke his hiatus. I found a small restaurant just below the small dirt cliff I was running along. I thought this would be a good place to hide, even though I had a gun myself- a revolver and a knife. I slid down the dirt and found myself running through the building- the man had followed me. He had his gun pointed at me and was talking to me. My gun was out too, but upon trying to fire it.... I didn't have any ammo. shit, I thought, someone else must have used the gun before me. I didn't remember firing it more then once. No, matter I just had to get him close enough to use my knife. I kept talking to him, he'd walk closer and drop his guard. When he did I took out my knife and stabbed the side of his gun.
When it was over the four of us sat in that same restaurant waiting for lunch. We decided to open the closet that was next to us, because we kept hearing something. I girl came out she seemed to be living in there. Introducing herself, I believe her name was Annie. She joined us for lunch and as the rest of us were talking about not abandoning our friends. She looked at me and asked if she counted. I said that even though we just met her she seemed nice enough.

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