So Is Derek Dead?

I was a leader of a group at war with another. Well, it wasn't so much as a war as a dislike for one another. Also our group would steal supplies from them.
Myself, Derek, a young, pretty girl and possibly another one or two were going to the neighboring land. I, being a poor student, got distracted by change on the ground. Myself and the girl ((my) Jen or Shannon)
began picking up the change. I actually requested the girl to help. She helped, but she wasn't as interested in it as I.
Derek and the others were getting impatient. We needed to move now. This wouldn't take long, I insisted. We moved through limbo traps (picked up some nickels and dimes), crawled by tables in a restaurant with the bright red cushioned seats. (picked up pennies and nickels)
The girl and I found ourselves in a maze of showers. My left arm got dirty and I went to wash it. The disembodiment voice of Derek told me not to. He said that the showers by the exit would work just fine. Outside it was spring, fresh grass and melting snow. Derek, myself and possibly Eric were sitting on a rock. Food and alcohol were found in the nearby woods. It was being catapulted from the enemy's land. We had friends there, we'd have to assume.
Something had gotten stuck in a tree– it seemed important at the time. Some kids would throw things at it to get it down. Seeing the kids were handling it I turned my attention to meeting our friends from the other land. I lead my party down the path, covertly. Coming toward us was a group of the enemy– just on their side of the border. There were more of them then us. Someone must have been spotted or I was worried about what the enemy group would do. I got on the path and slowly walked toward them, my hands raised.
"I'm in charge here. I just want to talk."

I turned to Eric while we were walking down the street our school was on. "Derek's dead, right?" I said quietly. "I had a dream about him." I wondered if I should say more. In the dream he'd died worse then he had in reality. I was walking slightly behind Eric. He didn't seem to be bothered by the death of his roommate. That couldn't be the case, they were friends. Derek wasn't the only one that had died recently.

~~*End dream*~~
The first thing I asked of Eric when I woke was "Derek's not dead, right?"

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