TX, NE and Zappy Guns

I'd just moved into this new house– which was somehow in Texas, but looked like it was in New England. It was a huge house with lots of stairs on a hill. The stairs were narrow and steep like most old New England houses. The last owners had left everything they owed (or at least most of it) there. So, it was my job to clean and go through everything. Some of the things left in the house were neat– like Klingon Statuettes. Juna, Alison, Angela and maybe a few others were helping out and keeping me company. I was talking about cleaning and all the neat things I found. I told Alison about the gay sleepover party and how Juna and Derek called Eric and I the cutest gay couple on campus.
Angela and her friends had found a secret ladder in the attic to New Orleans. They came back and one went to the bathroom. It was a fancy bathroom– we had a bunch of fancy toilets. I asked why and she said that they didn't have stairs in New Orleans.
alright. I went into the attic room. The stairs were rickety metal pieces poorly put together. They were just suspended footholds and wires 14 gauge above my head to hang on to. I tired to climb it, but I couldn't easily hang on to all of the hooks, so I jumped off.
Strange colors and lights came from the entrance to New Orleans I asked about it.
"Oh," Angela said. "they're having Mardi Gras."

Zappy Guns

I was in some sort of bar and an old lady was signing out weapons. One woman was not allowed to have a .48
but was allowed to have a .38. I asked the old lady what it mattered, but she didn't give me a strait answer. We had to use guns, because they weren't allowed to know we had zat guns. (we must have been from StarGate-- I watch too much of that) We were– I'm not sure where we went, but some of the other guys started to fire at us so we fired back. Some of them chased us and I was corned by a few guys on bikes. One was Andy, one might have been Alan and I'm pretty sure the last was a Dan. They wanted me to give them the invisibility device. I didn't have it with me and they weren't supposed to know about it. I decided to run. I wanted to run through a path in the woods so they could not follow me on their bikes, but falling to find it. I ran to threw the woods to the other side next to a highway. I ran north along the highway seeing them on the other side of the tree line. I kept running, but I didn't want to be on the side of the highway. I had lost a way back to the other side of the trees. I past a group of construction workers. I figured there should be a way to get back up to the tree line. If I only had a teleporter, but I didn't have one with me. But- Stairs? that's almost like a teleporter. I climbed back up to the tree line. I can only assume I made it out. I don't know about my friends, though.

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