Operation: Stargate

I had just made this tea out of some plants. It was good. I was at a meeting at the SGC (Stargate command) with the SG-1 team and two other people who were appointed italics and underlined. I was appointed by general Hammond Commissioner of the Tea.


It was a battle between humans and sticky foam transformers. I don't recall it being too epic. We were running around a giant white maze for a while. Tensions were high and people were paranoid. I looked around there were several Stargates lined up at this place. Two of the people behind me were whispering about how they did not like the guy behind them. Looking back I saw that it was Eric. He had a gun and was ready to fight the bad guys just like everyone else. The lieutenant- who was either Sam Carter (SG-1) or Alice Melvin (Pumpkin Scissors) was the target of some humanoids who didn't like us. In fact they wanted to make the LT responsible for the torture and death of the previous teams that were already present on that planet. The bad guy (a girl rather) was explaining that it was the LT's fault all these people had and were going to die horribly. I had taken a slight walk from the Stargate. There were skulls with and without flesh along other body parts. The LT ordered us back- she didn't want to stick around. As I jumped to the gate I shouted "I'm sorry, Eric" I guess Eric wasn't going to make it back. The other people didn't like him anyway.

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