6:03 and The Kitten Thing

    Someone was going to die. I knew where and when. They'd be killed, shot in Wegman's room at the high school. The time he would be shot was 6:03 and I couldn't get there in time. I was at a meeting of some sort. It seemed like a protest. It was in a field, partly cloudy and there where five other people at this meeting. I couldn't leave and I kept arriving a few minutes late to Wegman's the man was already dead.
I would reset the game. At one point I was in Wegman's room and they noticed some inconsistence in my outfit and where I should be. I realized that I wasn't restarting a game, I was going back in time. I needed to get help or shrugging off questions would start getting hard. I went to the main stairwell- a beautify piece of architecture. I found Alison and told her we needed to talk. Unfortunately the very small, but nice looking library already had two people in it, so we ended up in a bathroom. I  also sought out Alex and told him to get there a little before six.
    "that's his form now." Alex said, shooting the bad guy as I walked in from the basement. On second thought- I really hoped that was Alex.

The Kitten Thing

Alan, Austin and myself were walking from between dorms at night. Alan started to make ghost sounds. A bit creepy, but Austin said that it was fine as long as the kitten thing doesn't happen again. I'm walking along worried I'm going to step on a cat, but that wasn't it. The Kitten thing happened again. About half way there we see a pair of green cat eyes. Alan runs up to it to pet, but it ran away. There is another and a third. This time the cat doesn't run away and I pet it as I walk by and the next. After that the next 5 are running counterclockwise around me. At the door of the dorm of our destination Mike is freaking out and running in circles– he doesn't have a key.

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