Eric's friends

I was in a building. It was set up like a store, with little rooms. and we were playing some sort of game each person had a character and if you talked to them something odd would happen. One of them came up to me and said "If you haven't gone over there yet." The person pointed to the toy store. "don't go over there Alan is a zombie." Alan is zombie? okay. I avoid that spot for a while then I went over to see what that was about. He had a plate full of fry potato chips. They were delicious. Then he said "have you come over here yet?" I didn't answer, but zombie lunged at me.

Eric and his friends were wondering around Eric alone and his friends elsewhere together. I didn't know if his friends knew who I was but I followed them for a bit. Dustin was there and Jesse and some kid that looked kinda like Eric, but like his evil twin or something. He was shorter and had lighter hair and a lighter hat. I don't think "Evil Twin" talked as much. Finally they found Eric. He didn't notice me, but I ended up loosing them in the crowd. I found them at a table except that they had convinced Eric to hide from me. I saw him anyway, because he hadn't gotten far.

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