Duck Fruit

it was overcast, Ardra and I where putting away her games. Then I went home, but Ardra forgot to give me something. "it's raining," I said "you sure you want to leave your games outside?" she said it would be fine, but i didn't think so so i covered the PS2 and Xbox with a hat. as i went to leave her driveway again I saw ducks. Two ducks, they were both female, but pretty. I also seem to have acquired a small butcher knife. I had heard somewhere that if you cut off the duck's head it was no longer meat, but fruit. That seemed interesting maybe I should try it. I held the duck and lifted the knife. She seemed to know what I was doing and closed her eyes in anticipation. I couldn't do it- I had to get home anyway. I let the duck go and started back home. The sidewalk was unplowed and there was still snow on it. I stopped when I saw two foxes blocking my path. They seemed a bit big for foxes, but for some reason I believed they weren't dangerous so I walked around them. One of the foxes bit my shirt and tugged on it playfully. "no," I said sweetly. "I have to go..." I think I'll name her Rora, short for Aurora. I thought. I looked back at the foxes from behind the screen door. See you later, Rora.

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