The Dark Side

The people in between the light and the dark are the easiest to sway to the dark. The Narrator said. There was an epic Star Trek space battle, by epic I really mean Next Generation-ish battle. so not all that epic. It's my job to make sure they don't end on that side. It was Jean-luc Picard.

I was in my house- the kitchen. My uncle (that no one likes) showed up. Why? not to have my mom help him with his money. He wanted me to send a message to Capone and those people. The message was $0 they would know what it means. He would tell them more later. My uncle wanted to turn them to the dark side or Satanic heathens. I was furious, but I nodded. When my uncle left the driveway I stomped out of the house on a walk with the intent to call Steve and rant to him. Steph was out for a walk too however and waited for me. I complained to her as we walked to Kari-an's- where she was staying. Kari-an's mother was finishing dinner. She invited me to stay, handed me a pair of pliers and a wrench. The would be an interesting supper.

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