The Fish Boy

So you see, we were staying... well I'm not sure where we were, but it wasn't one of the appropriate starships. Seven and Geordi were sharing a room. I think it was like a meeting room too. Geordi as I learned later apparently was stuck in a cargo bay for his first
few years in Starfleet. It was also reminded to me that he is black. That was compared to Scotty. I think it was saying that all the black people die like all the redshirts... except for Scotty and Geordi of course. (I thought this show wasn't supposed to be racist, of course I might be.) Well in any case it appears that Geordi actually got some this time. It was Seven and they had a kid. I guess they weren't supposed to have a kid.* He was blind like Geordi. We needed to cut off his head or something. Seven insisted that we needed to wait for the kid to adjust. Troi was adamant that we needed to do it now. We would have to advise him on how to adjust. This we did. We gave him a VISOR and told him that if things didn't work out right we'd teleport Seven into the past in her own womb so the baby would die. (She had a VISOR too for some reason) We taught him how to see and this lead to him learning how to project what he thought and we could interact with it as well. He made a cocktail party. It was more of a classy strip club, however there was no anyone- strippers, customers... also he was a fish swimming above a stool. Then later he made a shark game, he could control his pieces with his mind. He asked how others could play. I said that they could just press the buttons and I did so. We played a game- I lost.

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