My science class was located in the middle of the woods. I passed by another class from a different school– a wildlife class, that was going on a trip. When I got to my class my legs were covered in spider webs. I asked if I could go ask one of the hikers for something to wipe the webs off with. Jeremy was standing outside. He said "hi, I haven't seen you in a while." I hugged him and asked him to help. He gave me something to whip off my spider web encased feet. He told me that the spider was living in my left-hand pocket. Non-sense, I would have noticed that. He replied saying that Apophis would have made sure the pocket was hidden. Well, I thought, that's the last time I wear someone else's pants.

Something was happening, class was just let out and SG-1 was there. In the middle of the woods– we had to get to higher ground. Something about the world flooding. We got split up half went the right way. Finding the backup camp and avoiding the strange metal birds. Jacob Carter/Selmak (Stargate)was there as the leader. Later, another surviving group of humans came to interview him, asking Selmak how they all had survived.

The other group went the wrong way "We are almost there." one of us said. It turns out we weren't, but we found base camp. Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson were there and needed to blow up the building. Daniel Jackson was going to sacrifice himself to do that, but was convinced not to. The metallic birds started to attack. I didn't have a gun so I wiggled my figures at them and froze a few and threw them into the woods. We managed to get back to the backup camp.

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